They were always good with this sort of thing. The people thing. Maya was good at the sitting back and quietly observing those around her thing. She wanted to watch the story unfold around her much like in her books and TV shows. Being part of a story was not in her interest. She was afraid of what her role would be in such a story. The loner. The freak. The outcast. It’s much better watching from the outside she would think to herself. Its better this way. Better for everyone.

Everyone is running from something. Some of us are trying to escape our soul crushing jobs and others are hiding from the bitter reality of their home lives. Eliana is running from the future, not just what it holds for her but the very place in time itself.


Writing. Always writing. Unless I’m buried in a book, endlessly browsing YouTube, or lost in my own head. So… writing. Sometimes writing.

Justin D. Covey